Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

Across the River and into the Trees
Hemingway, Ernest

Alibi : A Novel
Kanon, Joseph

The Apprentice Lover: A Novel
Parini, Jay

April Blood: Florence and the Plot Against the Medici
Martines, Lauro

An Architect's Rome (Bulfinch Architecture/Travel Series)
McGuire, John M., Jr.

The Bad Popes
Chamberlin, Russell

Basilica: The Splendor and the Scandal: Building St. Peter's
Scotti, R. A.

Bella Vita
Adamoli, Vida

Benevolence and Betrayal: Five Italian Jewish Families Under Fascism
Stille, Alexander

The Betrothed (Everyman's Library (Paper)
Manzoni, Alessandro

Botticelli Blue Skies: An American in Florence
Gerber, Merrill Joan

Casa Rossa
Marciano, Francesca

Christ Stopped at Eboli: The Story of a Year
Levi, Carlo

City of the Soul: A Walk in Rome (Crown Journeys)
Murray, William

The Confessor
Silva, Daniel

Cry to Heaven
Rice, Anne

Death in Venice
Mann, Thomas

Disturbance of the Inner Ear: A Novel
Hackett, Joyce

Dreaming of Tuscany: Where to Find the Best There Is: Perfect Hilltowns; Splendid Palazzos; Rustic Farmhouses; Glorious
Ohrbach, Barbara Milo

Elements of Italy
Teran, Lisa St. Aubin De

Emperor: The Field of Swords
Iggulden, Conn

The Enchanted April
Arnim, Elizabeth von

The Etruscan
Lappin, Linda

Evening Class
Binchy, Maeve

The Evening of the Holiday: A Novel
Hazzard, Shirley

The Fall of a Sparrow: A Novel
Hellenga, Robert

The Fall of the House of Borgia
Chamberlin, E. Russel

Falling Palace: A Romance of Naples
Hofstadter, Dan

The Feud That Sparked the Renaissance: How Brunelleschi and Ghiberti Changed the Art World
Walker, Paul Robert

Florence: The Biography of a City
Hibbert, Christopher

Francis of Assisi: A Revolutionary Life
House, Adrian

Hill Towns
Siddons, Anne Rivers

A History of Venice
Norwich, John Julius

A House in Sicily
Phelps, Daphne

I'm Not Scared
Ammaniti, Niccolo

I, Mona Lisa
Kalogridis, Jeanne

Imperium: A Novel of Ancient Rome
Harris, Robert

In the Company of the Courtesan: A Novel
Dunant, Sarah

Italian Voices: A Window on Language and Customs in Italy
Falcone, Linda

Italy in Mind: An Anthology
Powers, Alice

Italy: From Revolution to Republic, 1700 to the Present
Scala, Spencer M.Di

A Kiss from Maddalena
Castellani, Christopher

La Cucina: A Novel of Rapture
Prior, Lily

The Little World of Don Camillo
Guareschi, Giovanni

Lives of the Saints
Ricci, Nino

Lost Hearts in Italy: A Novel
Lee, Andrea

The Lost Painting: The Quest for a Caravaggio Masterpiece
Harr, Jonathan

Lucifer's Shadow
Hewson, David

Lucrezia Borgia
Bradford, Sarah

Lunch with Elizabeth David: A Novel
Williams, Roger

The Merchant of Prato
Origo, Iris

Miss Garnet's Angel
Vickers, Sally

Mother Tongue: An American Life in Italy
Wilde-Menozzi, Wallis

Nectar: A Novel of Temptation
Prior, Lily

Night Letters: A Novel
Dessaix, Robert

North of Naples, South of Rome
Tullio, Paolo

Old Calabria
Douglas, Norman

On the Road with Francis of Assisi: A Timeless Journey Through Umbria and Tuscany, and Beyond
Francke, Linda Bird

The Pope's Daughter: The Extraordinary Life of Felice della Rovere
Murphy, Caroline P.

The Rage and The Pride
Fallaci, Oriana

The Roman Way
Hamilton, Edith

Rome: The Biography of a City
Hibbert, Christopher

Rosemary and Bitter Oranges : Growing Up in a Tuscan Kitchen
Chen, Patrizia

Rubicon: The Last Years of the Roman Republic
Holland, Tom

The Ruby Ring: A Novel
Haeger, Diane

The Sack of Rome: How a Beautiful European Country with a Fabled History and a Storied Culture Was Taken Over by a Man
Stille, Alexander

Satyr Square: A Year, a Life in Rome
Barkan, Leonard

Seasons in Basilicata : A Year in a Southern Italian Hill Village
Yeadon, David

See Naples: A Memoir
Allanbrook, Douglas

Jong, Erica

A Soldier of the Great War
Helprin, Mark

The Stone Boudoir: Travels through the Hidden Villages of Sicily
Maggio, Teri

The Stonecutter's Aria
Faenzi, Carol

Strolling Through Venice
Freely, John

The Thief Lord
Funke, Cornelia

A Thousand Bells at Noon: A Roman Reveals the Secrets and Pleasures of His Native City
Romagnoli, G. Franco

A Thread of Grace
Russell, Mary Doria

Thus Spake Bellavista: Naples, Love, and Liberty
Crescenzo, Luciano De

Travels to Tuscany and Northern Lazio
Cryan, Mary Jane

Tuscan Soup
Wakefield, Lou

Under the Southern Sun: Stories of the Real Italy and the Americans It Created
Paolicelli, Paul E.

Venetian Dreaming
Weideger, Paula

Venetian Legends And Ghost Stories: A Guide To Places Of Mystery In Venice
Fei, Alberto Toso

Venice for Pleasure
Links, J. G.

Vroom with a View: In Search of Italy's Dolce Vita on a '61 Vespa
Moore, Peter

When in Rome
Marsh, Ngaio

Where Angels Fear To Tread
Forster, E. M.

White Smoke Over the Vatican
Sharkey, Don

The World of Venice
Morris, Jan


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