Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

Experience the sweetness of Tuscan hill towns as each one decorates their villages in preparation for their Christmas festivities. Enjoy Italy with few tourists, crisp temperatures, and an atmosphere of excitement as the children everywhere are anxious for Babbo Natale (Santa Claus) to come to bring them gifts and goodies.


Dear Guest,

This is the first time in the life of our family that we have decided to cancel our olive harvest. In case you have not heard, the growing season (spring, summer, fall) of 2014 has been a very difficult one for Italy, and particularly for Tuscany—it has been too cool and too wet—and the results of many of the fruit crops (olives, figs, grapes, etc.) have been close to devastating. We had hoped that our olive orchards, which are 100% organic, could produce a better crop in spite of these terrible conditions, but unfortunately, it was not to be.



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