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Come to Tuscany in mid-April and stay in our largest apartment, La Casa del Contadino and enjoy a 25% discount on the weekly rate (a savings of Euro 720,00!). This apartment is perfect for 4-6 people. See what Tuscany is like before the tourist level is at its peak, and when the fields are luscious and green, and the flowers have begun to bloom. It is a beautiful time to be here.


(Limited time offer)

Come for a week’s visit (Saturday to Saturday) during the last two weeks of August at any of our properties and enjoy our “Dolce Vita Stay” at no extra charge! This is a value worth Euro 120,00 per person! And as an extra bonus: we’ll include two half-days of swimming at the nearby swimming pool for you and your kids.

Don’t be fooled by those who say “Italy closes down in August”! This is only a myth and, in fact, it is one our favorite months of the whole year!


Enjoy the Rich Bounty of the Val d’Orcia

Tuscany is the perfect place to celebrate the wonderful American tradition of Thanksgiving! Come and enjoy your closest relationships, the earth’s best gifts of food (white truffles, saffron, olive oil, chestnuts, etc.) and wine, the pleasures of the season such as thermal hot spring soaks in nature, crisp temperatures and colorful foliage, and more!

We’ll organize the following activities and include them in your weekly stay at the phenomenal price of only Euro 100,00 per person—a way for our family to give thanks to you and to welcome you to the Val d’Orcia at this special time of year.


Watch the earth come alive with green fields and colorful spring flowers, enjoy Tuscany when there are fewer tourists, and be here to taste the March black truffles (marzuolo).

Save 25% on a weekly stay between 5-19 March, (e.g, two people can have a studio apartment for only Euro 788; regular rate is Euro 1050), and enjoy these two great experiences at no extra charge:

  • go on a truffle hunt with a professional hunter with his special truffle-hunting dogs
  • go on a tour of the ancient hermitage located on our family’s property in Pienza

  • Email Isabella for availability! This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Dear Guest,

    This is the first time in the life of our family that we have decided to cancel our olive harvest. In case you have not heard, the growing season (spring, summer, fall) of 2014 has been a very difficult one for Italy, and particularly for Tuscany—it has been too cool and too wet—and the results of many of the fruit crops (olives, figs, grapes, etc.) have been close to devastating. We had hoped that our olive orchards, which are 100% organic, could produce a better crop in spite of these terrible conditions, but unfortunately, it was not to be.



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