Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

A long-time returning guest and professional photographer, Elisabeth Bard, will be at Cretaiole and offers to any interested guest the following photographic experience. Read the details and contact either Elisabeth directly, or to me if you would like more information or to sign up.

The Art of Seeing - Elisabeth Bard
Creative Photography in the Val d’Orcia

This world heritage site of the Val d’Orcia is one of the most fabulous landscapes in all of Italy, and is where the renaissance painters came to create the backgrounds that they put into their commissions for the Church and the renaissance paintings for the Medici’s and their compatriots. It is truly one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen or photographed.

And the hill towns surrounding the area are equally fantastic. By coming at the end of October, we will be able to take advantage of long shadows and low light enabling photography all day, from sun-up for landscapes to late morning in a hill town. The colors of the clay soil change all day long (from red and ochre to sometimes blues and purples) depending on the wonderful Italian light. Then break for a good Tuscan lunch and a short nap before shooting late afternoon landscapes and sunsets. Sunset and early evening in Pienza with the town’s overlook of the valley is particularly fantastic.

I will be functioning mostly as a “tour” leader, making sure that you get to all the famous spots in the area at the correct times. I also plan on at least 3 walks in the countryside with a local ex-patriot, one early morning, one all morning and one in the evening. This is, of course, weather permitting. If there is a lot of rain, walking in the clay fields can be quite dicey. And this can affect driving on some of the dirt/gravel roads as well.

Cretaiole is a wonderful place for photographers and their partners/spouses since so many activities are available that there is something for both to do; the photographer can participate in the tour/workshop using my rental car, leaving your car for the spouse to use for wine tastings etc. And partners and pair up on activities. It is usually easy to get rides to the activities you are interested in.

I am a fine art photographer, and will place most of my emphasis on the content of the image, using design, color and texture to create lasting images of the area. I do some post processing on site in the evenings using Lightroom, enabling the chance to revisit a site if desired. The light is constantly changing and oh so very wonderful.

There will be a projector available for image review and a slide show presentation during the pici dinner. There will be technical assistance available as well (I am a Canon shooter), iPhone and iPad photography is welcome, keeping in mind the limitations of these devices.

My plan is to be available for the last two weeks in October (18-31 October). Participants are welcome to sign up for daily trips, of one full week or the full two weeks as they prefer.

List of equipment:
SLR Camera or point and shoot
Image processing software
Lenses, wide angle, telephoto (I use a 28-300 as my main lens)
Tripod (recommended for evening and night shooting)
Batteries and chargers
Thumb Drive for projection of images

Per week: 450 USD
Per day 85 USD

I can accept checks mailed to me prior to departure for Italy, or credit cards, as well. If payment is via credit card, I will need to contact you for your credit card information, so I would make arrangements for a phone call, or sending the information via several emails. I can also accept payment in cash in euros at the time of the workshop.

Contact Information:
Elisabeth Bard
638 Candlestick Lane
Newark, DE 19702
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