Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

Cretaiole has been owned and managed by the Moricciani family since 1989.

Luciano and his wife Liliana come from farming backgrounds near Pienza. Their connection to the land seems almost instinctual. They can make anything grow and they both love raising small farm animals such as pigs, chickens, rabbits, geese, ducks, and guinea hens. They delight in showing them to their guests (especially the children!).

Throughout the week you will pampered by Luciano, Carlo and Isabella, his son and daughter-in-law, and Carlotta, the newest member of the Cretaiole “team”, while Liliana runs their family’s working farm, San Gregorio, in Pienza and watches after her grandson, Filippo.

Carlo grew up working on the farm, and went to school in Siena to study agriculture—it has been his passion always. As an adult, Carlo recognized his special ability to taste and smell, and so he studied to be an olive oil tasting expert. He is an official olive oil tester in Siena, serving on a panel that evaluates and approves the quality of the region’s olive oil. He works hard to make the very best Orcia DOC wine possible. Carlo is a man of the earth with a personality as warm as the sun.

Isabella, a big-city girl from Milan speaking four languages, fell in love with Carlo many years ago when she came as a guest to Cretaiole. She traded her high heels and business suits for what she says is the “real” dolce vita. Isa has traveled the world and thoroughly loves to be with people from different cultures. Her main priority is to meet the many needs of her guests, making certain they have an experience they will never forget. She is funny, flexible, and enchanting.

She and Carlo have two sons, Niccolò and Filippo.

Carlotta Cosimini has been at Cretaiole since 2013. Although not a Moricciani by blood, Carlotta is a Moricciani by spirit. She helps guests throughout the week to accomplish anything they wish to do, to fulfill any need, and to solve any problem. She is Tuscan, through and through—born and raised in Pisa. With a graduate degree in British literature from the University of Florence, she has impeccable English. Her smile warms the whole room, her generosity of effort and time make a visit in a “foreign” country the easiest thing in the world.

Our Philosophy

"We are an integral part of nature and cannot possess it. Nature governs the rhythm and success of our work, and credit is due to her for the fruits that she bears.

We want to involve our guests in a way that allows them to grasp the essence of our land and its natural, historical, cultural, and culinary identity.

We aim to make our guests feel at ease through our warm hospitality and the quality of our services, which make us stand apart."


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