Pienza - Val d'Orcia - Siena - Tuscany

Harvesting the Grapes (End of September/First of October)

Harvesting the grapes is a time for celebration, friendship, laughter, and tradition! Taking part in the harvest (the vendemmia) requires the 'buona fortuna' of being on holiday at just the right time. The harvest only lasts a few days and we never know ahead of time exactly when it will happen (it depends on the season, the maturity of the grapes, and the weather). For the experience some of our guests had, read about it in this Des Moines, Iowa newspaper article.

If you are lucky enough to be there during the vendemmia, join our family and our close friends and have the time of your life! We promise–we won’t make you pull up your skirts and trouser-legs to stomp on the grapes afterwards! Instead, however, we can promise that you will enjoy a well-deserved afternoon nap.

White Truffle Hunting (From mid-October to End of December)

Our family has its own source of "white gold"—a small, private truffle reserve, right below Cretaiole. When the season begins, we start off from the farmhouse with the amazing truffle dogs, we walk to the truffle reserve down below the farmhouse, and then we unleash them, sending them on to their frenzied hunt for the prized Tuscan delicacy. There aren’t always spoils to be found, but it’s still an exciting experience! This is a wonderful "man with his best friend" bonding experience. Whether or not the day’s hunt results in finding truffles, you will not forget the excitement. [Note: Finding truffles does not mean "keeping" truffles–sorry. But, you may be able to purchase one depending on the supply]

Olive Harvest (From end of October through December)

Just show up! It is impossible to have too many hands for the olive harvest. We pick each olive by hand, because only in that way can the highest quality olive oil be produced! But it isn’t just hard work – there is also something special about touching the branches, hearing the sound of the olives when they hit the ground, knowing they will soon come back to us in scrumptious, mouth-watering ways–maybe on a plate of steaming pasta or drizzled over warm bruschetta. If you have the heart and brawn for this work and want to experience an essential Tuscan tradition, this is a rewarding activity you won’t soon forget!


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